About us

Alan Tibtem – Tay

Founder & Trainer of Pawsitivemind (IAABC – ADT) 

Since young, Alan grew up with his family’s dog, and that began his love and passion towards animals. 2008 marked the year Alan started the journey in understanding and learning more about dogs. He elected to do his school – CIP (Community Involvement Programme) with Club4paws Pte Ltd. Just like every job, Alan started from the basics. In this case it meant cleaning after the dogs, bringing them for their walks. Eventually, he started to handle the dogs and got the opportunity to learn about clicker training.
In 2011, Alan started Pawsitivemind providing Dog Walking service to his client, and handled alot different dogs with issue from puppy to fearful and even dogs with aggression issue. Alan have also took on Karen Pryor Academy – Dog Trainer Foundation, Dr. Ian Dunbar – Growl Class, a workshop demo for reactive dogs, Fear Free Shelter – Fear Free Shelter program, IAABC (International Association of Animal Consultant) – Fundamentals of Animal Behavior & Learning. Alan love for animals also allow him to go into learning on cats, Maddie’s Fund – Feline Communication : How to speak Cat, Maddie’s Fund – Orphaned Kitten Care. Alan always strive to improve his skill and knowledge, he goes on to watching dog trainer’s seminar, taking up courses and reading up on learning theory. Alan is also a Accredited member of IAABC (International Association of Animal Consultant). Alan had also obtained his IAABC Accreditation for Accredited Dog Trainer. Alan is also AVS Accredited Dog Trainer and Project Adore Trainer.

Siew Kiang (SK)

Pet Sitter at Pawsitivemind 

Siew Kiang is a self-professed pupperazzi and has years of petsitting experience with Pawsitivemind. She enjoys taking long walks with the pet sitting dogs at least twice a day and giving them her undivided attention. When not taking care of pets, she works full time as a Content Creator from home.


Assistant Handler at Pawsitivemind 

Debra has been a shelter volunteer since 2014 and joined PawsitiveMind in 2018 as a freelance dog walker/pet sitter. With her years of experience at the shelter, she takes great pride and responsibility in looking after her fur friends

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