Dog Training

Puppy Training

≤ 10 months old

Is your puppy not pooping on his pee tray, chewing your favourite shoe, biting your toes or fingers?  Our Puppy Training focus on providing you and your puppies the foundation needed in real life situation. And learning how to teach your puppy basic manners, and positively socialise to strangers, noise and items in our daily life.

4 sessions x 1hr — $800 


Dog Training

 > 10 months old

Has your young adult dog (fur friend?) suddenly forgotten all his manners? We will equip you and your dog with good life and social skills.

We’d also help to break those bad habits by developing better impulse control around distractions.

4 sessions x 1hr — $800

Behavior modification

All life stages

Sessions are conducted to personalised fit owner and dog lifestyle. Common issues be it pulling on the leash, barking and lunging at stranger or even introducing new born baby into the house.

First consultation ( 1-1.5hr ) — $250

Subsequent sessions ( 1hr ) — $200 – $250

Board & Train

All life stages

No time to train for furkid? Send yout furkid over to us for training. You can send your furkid for puppy training to reactivity. We strongly recommend owner to have at least 1 private session after board & train in order to for owner to understand the training and will be able to continue training day to day basic.

14 Days — $2500*

30 Days — $5000*

*Prices excludes 2 – way transport



All life stages

School4Dog is basically our Socialization Daycare infused with clicker training session, fun tricks and even basic agility training. We will send owner video of the training. Dog will be pick up between 9am – 11.30pm and send back between 5pm – 8pm. All furkids will get 2 walks ranging from 20mins – 45mins walk (depending on the weather), along with training incorporated in daily routine. Our 1 time off daycare including of 2-way transports will be at $110. Our daycare packages are inclusive of 2-way transport.

School4dog First Dog
Once a week ( 4 sessions ) $500
Twice a week ( 8 sessions ) $900